Thursday, August 03, 2006

Losers Blowout!

[click for a rush]

Weee!!! Hey kids, it's the latest screen saver, free for the download from Geritopia Enterprises! Yes, it's almost too incredible to believe! This is the actual one-hit Romanian band, The Night Losers, in their prime configuration as your own screen saver! So save your screen today with these jaunty fellows! Feast your eyes and fetishize this incredible group of musicians. Fixate on each personality and dream about 'em. There's the "cheeky" one, the "quiet" one, the "cool" one, and the one with "perpetual ice crystals above his top lip"! They're so cuuuuute! Build an altar to 'em. Share with your friends! Write a doctoral thesis about the Night Losers and their impact on post-colonial Marxist industrialists and how they once cut you off in traffic! Eat an entire rum cake! Mix and match. Look deep into the dark gaping maw of mortality. Feel the force of its gravity sucking you in! Do it, do it, do it!!!


Joey Polanski said...

Is one o them guys Cat Stevens?

Geritopia said...

Yes, one o them guys IS Cat Stevens. Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

They're so dreamy.

swoon swoon.