Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1 Year Aniversary & why I can't do this any more (Pt.8 in a series)

What a notch in my bedpost. Bloggy -Blog is celebrating its one-year anniversary! In observance, I've been AWOL on an extended drinking binge, which also means that I've not been around to post anything on Bloggy-Blog. How ironic is that? I mean c'mon!

Now this handy tip:

if you're gonna sell your ventriloquist dummy on ebay,
you must light it effectively to lend a positive mood... this one's perfect!

This blog has been running on fumes for so long now, it's hardly worth the mention. But what great asphyxiating fumes we've shared over this last year, eh? If you doubt me, just get a load of them archives (especially the early ones)! By activating internet technology like a bilge pump, I've created a direct pipeline for the world to "peer into my stockpiles of shit", as Marie Antoinette would say. From nonsensical writings, to creepy photos and to more creepy photos. It's been said that if you placed all the creepy photos that I've posted here end-to-end, it would bisect the universe like a toothpick through an olive --and there I go again, yet another martini reference.

creepy photo # 3302000000.
the sorry state of bloggy-blog: asphyxiation
hidden dynamite, wrong-headed politics, etc

My posts have diminished, admittedly, because the world has become such a politically charged place that the sophomoric activity of this blog is like a declaration of the developmentally-stunted. It's conspicuously irresponsible and out of touch. Meanwhile, everyone else around me has become radicalized and angry about the status quo and, what's most galling in a developmentally-stunted world, they're getting all the chicks! I've always known that the path to being cooler is just an fashion statement away but I'm stalwart, wearing the same unsexy shoes day after day.

another eternal moment's tick

upended chessboard


Joey Polanski said...

Prsonaly, this is jus th kinda blog I like -- one where lotsa dummys can always be foun.

Happy Annversary!

Cocovan said...

You can learn alot from a Dummy!

The McMics said...

It's always nice to see you and your blogs!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Blogg-Blog on your One Year Anniversary!

As "The Mr. Anonymous," I have long last returned to comment here from taking some time off from cyberspace to make special hand crafted gift baskets for a well-respected asylum. Nonetheless, as an earlier Bloggy-Blog reader and commenter, I am quite shocked and chagrined to find out that as Bloggy-Blog celebrates it's first year anniversary, it also seems to be retiring at the top of the heap. It's ironic that as I eventually wade back through the swamp of cyberspace to arrive here, I now find out that my favorite blog is taking it's final curtain call (at least I look forward to days on end reading those golden archival treasures :)

Whatever you now choose to do with your free time Sir Geritopia, I wish you the very best with your endeavors.

Mr. Anonymous

Aside from the parade of creepy dummies, mannequins, puppets and dopperlgangers flaunted here ("Face your Fears!).......thanks for the fun and inspirational memories :)