Monday, October 30, 2006

Podcast #2: "TV Party Hangover"

Click HERE to hear in you ear.

A brief cross section of songs that
corrupted my brain for life :

Top Cat theme,
Gigantor theme,
Giant Robot dialogue,
Lidsville theme,
Speed Racer theme (Japanese vers.),
Star Trek interstellar hippie protest dialogue,
Fireball XL5 theme,
Superchicken theme (the perfect TV score),
Supercar theme,
Ernie Kovacs Show classic Nairobi Trio


simple said...

Part of the fabric of your life, woven with some fine threads.

And the kids now-a-days get "Spongebob Squarepants"

You've given me a reason to get an ipod. Oh no-I must resist.

lemon jello said...

I think you are putting up mp3's, but I don't see the RSS feed, which would make it a podcast. Am I missing something?

Geritopia said...

(peter?) lemon jello - you're right. i'm using the word "podcast" to attract a certain "now-generation" demographic but i have yet to deliver the complete mobile ear-bud experience that the kids crave. i don't even own an ipod. it's crafty and cynical of me, i know.

you can go here:

for that & see my new che guevara look-alike photo.

meanwhile i'll smooth the speed bumps soon. maybe.

Charlie Bo Barley said...

Great collection! I'd nearly forgotten Top Cat--awesome hard-swinging arrangement. And Lidsville is a movie wrapped in a song.

A theme I remember being haunted by as a kid was to Milton the Monster. But having just looked it up here, I find it pretty darn stupid. Oh curse you, Internet, for exposing our childhood fancies to the harsh, digital light of day!

I kind of like the Speed Racer parody.

"Free the Nairobi Trio!" -- Bill Griffith

lemon jello said...

Who's Peter? Are you talkin' to your anatomy again?

Thanx for the link. Now I can subscribe. And you might resemble Che, but he had a neck.

Geritopia said...

You're not this GUY ?

I knew Che. Che was a friend of mine -bla-bla-bla, he was no Dan Quayle, etc.

Bo Barley: That's a great site reference. These are some of my faves: king leonardo,
wally gator (proving once again that a mediocre cartoon company could at least put out good title music),
linus the lionhearted,
super president (this one's so sublime that it could be the most significant work of art on the planet),
Josie and the Pussycats (a tune worthy of a national anthem)