Friday, February 09, 2007

Nothing Can Move Me Like SpecsN'Nose

I'm under a lot of social pressure to vary my Specs N'Nose.

Bottom line: I doubt most males would care what sort of Specs N'Nose they have on if not for the awareness of how chicks judge them by nothing other than their caliber of Specs N'Nose. It's as though High School social stigmas never entirely vanish from adult life. Eventually you will be maligned and sneered upon based on how un-hip your Specs N'Nose is. Indeed, the Specs N'Nose I wear mark me for the unwavering nerd that I am.

I actually do have trillions of different Specs N'Noses but I always gravitate back to these (conspicuously in pairs):
-because they are light, inexpensive & extremely comfortable. ...I know, I know, it's crazy.


Joey Polanski said...

My SpecsN'Nose smell just like my sneakrs.

hack, I have a hairball said...

2nd attempt-1st wouldn't publish. Poo

This post brings up a strange feeling of Deja Vu. A familiar, warm feeling. Like soup. mmm mmm good (or was it a Ritz Cracker that it brought up a feeling of?)

My specs and nose came from They're light, expensive, and fairly comfortable.

Ja, da chicks dig em, and they dig me too.

Gaucho Marks said...

My SpecsN'Nose got me stopped at airport security.

Geritopia said...

That's odd, all the airport security wear SpecsN'Nose. Something's definately smelly in Denmark.