Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Nothing Can Move Me Like Shoes

I'm under a lot of social pressure to vary my shoes.

Bottom line: I doubt most males would care what sort of footwear they have on if not for the awareness of how chicks judge them by nothing other than their caliber of shoe. It's as though High School social stigmas never entirely vanish from adult life. Eventually you will be maligned and sneered upon based on how un-hip your shoes are. Indeed, the shoes I wear mark me for the unwavering nerd that I am.

I actually do have trillions of different shoes but I always gravitate back to these (conspicuously in pairs):
-because they are light, inexpensive & extremely comfortable. ...I know, I know, it's crazy.

*The good news is that if you keep wearing anything long enough, the fashion cycle repeats itself and you will suddenly attain "Mr. Awesome" status every 20 years or so. So you never actually have to change your underwear ever again.


Joey Polanski said...

Ahhh ... th way we men suffr fer th wimminfoke!

But I bet them things realy acsentuate th curve o yer caff.

bugthecat said...

so the stilettoes are out?

Charlie Bo Barley said...

In elementary school we had an insult, "ortho", directed at kids who had special shoes designed to correct orthopedic problems. Children can be so cruel!

paul said...

I just so happen to be wearing a pair of Reebok Geritopias at this very moment.


Linda said...

YOUR HOT!!!! Your shoes are HOT!!! I want U!!!

Geritopia said...

I applaud you all for your input here on Shoe Talk.

Cocovan said...

I'm wearing my Banana boots right now!

missy said...

No no no. It is partially about the footwear, and partially about wanting to be sexy. Just like Cheap Trick once said.

In any case, you can't go wrong with your Chuck Taylors. Those are chick magnet shoes. Depending upon what kind of chicks you want to attract, of course.