Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Password is... Recompense

The response to my previous well-researched post was rather weak. Therefore, I'm immersing my readership into a Rip Taylor video as punishment. Think of it as TV waterboarding for your crimes.


Charlie Bo Barley said...

I clicked through to his web site, and Rip Taylor appears not to have aged at all since that 70's game show appearance. A pact with Satan?

Geritopia said...

It's because if you wore a prominent moustache and wig that covers most of your face, you'd be eternally "youthful"? Or you could adopt the Buddy Ebson look (I'm always facile with the current roster of celebrity references) and be eternally old.

A pact with Satan will definitely get you in the door.

Alan Ludden said...

That host is a wanker. I was much better. Rip is marvelous. We just had lunch at the 'Derby' Thank you for posting this.

Cocovan said...

Is tearing your "Taylor" The same as ripping it?

Geritopia said...


Anonymous said...

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