Monday, January 08, 2007

By the cold light of an infomercial

Sorry, I really have nothing to talk about. This is the year of positivity and I'm drawing blank.

Perhaps if someone asked me a really messy personal question, we could get the ball rolling. I could give advice. I know many of you are experiencing a life crisis and could benefit from my wisdom.

Ready, go.


simple said...

It's because it's the year of Positivity that you're drawing a blank. You've entered a state of ignorant bliss. Enjoy it.

Soon, you'll be putting up pictures of cute kittens and bunnies. Have you been watching the Oprah show? I understand she's been positive for a few years now.

Cocovan said...

Dear Mandingo,
I.... I have this "friend" who has a problem with dangling dingles, Now It hasn't been a big problem I....I mean my friend has not really been too affected by these, But lately I find it, I mean my friend has noticed that, Well It is quite embarrassing when people comment about them I mean complete strangers walk right up to me and always have some derogatory statement, Is it just me or is my friend just sensitive about this subject?........

Geritopia said...


i've entered the state of ignorance -- still waiting for the bliss. how long?


you should stop covering for your "friend". putting quotes around his/her name only delays the "healing".

Joey Polanski said...

I have a friend that evryone thinks is me. Its gettin t be that evn he thinks hes me. Now Im startn t wondr.

Is he?

Geritopia said...


Joey Polanski said...

DANG! Now theres THREE of im!

"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together."

Oh, yeah: "Goo goo g'joob!"

Anonymous said...

i've entered the state of ignorance -- still waiting for the bliss. how long?

You're already in a state of bliss. You're just to ignorant to realize it.

Geritopia said...

That's a clever anonymous.