Thursday, November 09, 2006

Grampy Grumpypuss Lashes Out At Beatles-Meets-The-Spandex-Dancing-Clown Show

I finally heard the 4 song Beatles sampler of the Cirque Du Soleil "Love" mashup, or whatever. I would not recommend going to and doing the same. It's pretty sad. Plus, in order to access the tracks, they force you to give your name, bank account, and urine sample. What a load! And just why they chose to reedit those tracks and not give them to Blue Man Group or Triny Lopez instead of a troupe of prancing Doug Henning clones is beyond me.

The catalogue of Beatles CDs are long overdue for re-mastering. This can easily be achieved via mixes straight from the original mutlitrack tapes, vs. the current 2-track analogue master version on the market (which were mixed and EQ'd for vinyl). --am I sounding sickly hard-core yet?-- It makes a significant difference in quality and detail... and you can hear that difference on special compilations ("Yellow Submarine Songbook", "Beatles Anthology", etc.), although for some reason "Help" was mixed from original mutlitracks. Producer George Martin has always been especially stalwart about keeping the earlier stuff in mono and dragging his feet about the whole matter. That's why I find this "Love" project to be so conspicuously grotesque and ironic.

I've heard only a couple of mashup tracks that I've ever liked and no doubt there are some very clever ones out there. They're really not that difficult to do. The result can be novel and nostalgic but they're fairly masturbatory creatively. I guess I'll have to make one here to prove my point and because I seem to excel at that sort of thing.


Audio Philia said...

The Smash Mix contains some great mashups. But then again, I'm on myspace, so I bet a geezer like you will loathe everything it stands for.

Geritopia said...

I feel like whacking you on the head with my colostomy bag. But then, what's the point? you'll never understand the beauty of John Philip Sousa.

Joey Polanski said...

I like givin urine samples.

I mean, I realy like it a LOT!

Ummm ...

Want one?

Missy said...

The Beatles remix album Love comes out tomorrow... this is the overwhelming sentiment of the critics.

Guardian UK article

There is one hack writer for the Chicago Tribune who called it "gimmicky". You should look that guy up and have a beer with him.