Monday, November 06, 2006

Podcast #4: Music so Good, it had to be Hidden for Decades

milking the big nostalgia

Stimuli A-Go-Go is ON THE AIR .

Today's load from the vaults falls loosely under the category of "very under-the-radar recordings from the famous on our twin planet on the other side of the sun".

[I tried about 800 times to fix the credits on the player but it refuses to list material in correct order. Maddening! It should go, as follows: Big Milk - "Man with the human head"/ Geritopia w'Seatbelt - "Demon Seed"/ Neutral Youth - "Gasoline"/ Big Milk - "Pancake Man" (cover)/ Geritopia - "road apple red"/ Big Milk - "Bag" (is not a toy)/ Tragicomedy - "Drastic Change" (cassette 4 track vers)/ Geritopia - "Harbor College Artifact"/ SS McClean - "Ending Days" (cover)]

Serving suggestion: add warm water over the whole concoction and it will make a flavorful gravy. Eat from a bowl on all fours.


Neutral Chuck said...

Wait, wait, can we do one more take of that Gasoline vocal? I want to completely change my singing personality--more Elvis Presley, less Johnny Rotten. Yeesh!

Gotta admit tho, Rocknowski's guitar solo absolutely cooks!

I really like Pancake Man. Did you write it? Can you give us a brief bio of Big Milk?

Geritopia said...

No finer vocal a millionaires money can buy, if you ask me.

...I'm not sure I can do the BM bio justice, although that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to. On the contrary. Suffice to say, They were huge in the 90s forcing local band Ambrosia into hiding.

Please to look forward to Lorne Green collection of songs up next.