Thursday, November 02, 2006

Podcast #3: "Hamster Radio"

Stimuli-a-go-go presents:

Radio Hamster is ON THE AIR!

stolen graphic

Pudding ingredients:

G Marx croons; Jack in the Box agitprops; Bob Wills eyes cotton; Chesty Morgan snaps straps & photographs; Mattel Optigans the Powerhouse; Fukasaku slimes green; Gold fingers; & Marion Robert Morrison jumps, jives and wails.

Just try and enjoy.


Charlie Bo Barley said...

A podcast is too small for this material. You really should have a radio show. (Understudy for Dr. Demento or Harry Shearer? A midnight slot on Radio Disney?)

Drunken John Wayne was very sad. And to think, I might have gone the rest of my life never having heard of Chesty Morgan! Somehow this crazy ephemera gives me a deeper sense of our twisted roots.

Cocovan said...