Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fine, How Was Yours?

Today's Log:

Ate pancakes.
Watched TV.
Each sitcom without fail, hilarious.
Each commercial, a college education.

Then I sneezed.
Should a sneeze be so satisfying?
Does this happen to "regular" people?
Or was it a cheat?
A recreational sneeze, without any redeeming social value.

Made me tingle.

Wanted to cherish it always.
Tried to catch it mid-flight so I could bronze it.
But this convulsive glimpse of heaven was only ephemeral.
Another spider's web of carnality.
Went back to the TV.

Must forget, must move on. Must save planet.


Joey Polanski said...

I prefr coughin t sneezin. Then again, I always likd phlegm in my coffee.

Geritopia said...

Clouds in my coffee, please!

Cocovan said...

Please refrain from "steering" the clouds in my coffee........
O.K. Maybe just a little to the left, Thank you......

Anonymous said...

You're so vain.

Geritopia said...

yes, and it still doesn't get me anywhere.