Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Meditations on Cartoon Footwear

Intrepid commenter Joey Polanski writes:

"This guys shoes dont match. Dont ask me how I no. I jus do."

I sincerely hope this ends all the sleepless nights

This Blog's for you Joey


Joey Polanski said...

Well, HECK, Im only battin .500, cause I also figgerd th guy wunt wearin no britchs.

simple said...

I sure hope he is, 'cause I'm not looking forward to that visual.

Geritopia said...

No britches it is. And don't worry Simple, it passed with the Catholic board of censors.

Joey Polanski said...

Catholic? That means no condom.

Anonymous said...

If ya all keep messing with this Palooka Character, he'll be coming out of these here pages and into ya nightmares see.....to make sure ya all be wearing "Cement Shoes!"