Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jet-Lagged, Bothered & Bewildebeest

I'm up early today. No telling what bleary-eyed lack of self-censoring might lead to. Yawn. --which reminds me, I've always wanted to write a song entitled, "'Cant Stop Yawning Over You".

My assignment this a.m. : Entertainment News Graphics. As long as I'm here, I can give you heads-up on the latest tinseltown news flashes. That is, if anyone gives a flying crap. I've got the edge, because I can do this live.

This just in: Leif Garrett, 70s puppy love idol, is in jail for drugs. On that note, I missed my Mother Superior connection, thanks to him. Thanks for blowing my cover, Leif! I'm just no good without my morning syringe-full. If there's any more late-breaking celebrity news, I'll be sure to scoop it here.

My life pattern for the last week has been work, followed by coming back home and sleeping. Work followed by sleep. Work-sleep. Work-sleep. Worsleep. Wrslp. Wsp. Wp...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Joey Polanski, whom I've never sent a cent of payola, for keeping this blog the vibrant community that it is. When Geritopia goes brick-and-mortar, there's going to be a golden cornerstone with his name stamped on it as honorary patron saint, or something like that. I fear that Joey is actually my Mom in pseudonym, just helping behind-the-scenes in this, my latest dubious endevour. Then again, the thought of a person named "Joey" having nursed me in infancy, does make me squirm just a bit.

Good Morning and Good Luck.


Joey Polanski said...

When ya mentiond Mother Superior, I thougt you was gonna give us a littl celebrity news concernin th cast of Th Flyin Nun.

P.S. Sit up straight, dear.

Cocovan said...

Gerit, Are you in there?.....HELLO?
I'm telling Mom!