Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Upcoming Events & Previews for 2006!

This year Bloggy-Blog is expanding its staff (if you catch my meaning) in anticipation of a volcanic eruption of sensory stimuli (if you get my drift). Don't you worry, we've still got a big haul of creepy found photos to trot out whenever there's nothing new to say & the traditional array of junk-drawer digital renderings and doodles. All that, along with the full-blown Best-Tasting Shampoo Contest and the June Taylor Dancers (nobody but the infirmed will get that last reference)!

I'll have new stories of relative success in putting together collaborative "video art" installations in the LA gallery scene. I'll have frame-grabs from my rare documentary about a Torrance lounge lizard act and a fantasy film about a baby spiraling down the bathtub drainpipe and encountering a haunted land of jackals and dancing shoes. I'll be taking more swipes at Hollywood and I'll be fired when the people at my work read about it. Then I'll win the lottery, even though I hate the lottery, and I'll inherit crates of toenail clippings and vats of urine from the late Howard Hughes' Estate. AND so much more!

"i promise to do my duty, to obey the law of the pack..."
(anonymous thrift store art from the Geritopia collection)

Stay Tuned!


Joey Polanski said...

Post that thing about th baby spiralin down th drainpipe, an you coud post nuthin but crap th resta th year an itd be a GRATE year -- in that special Bloggy-Blog sorta way!

simple said...

When do we get introduced to the new staff? I'm getting all antsy just thinking about it.

Geritopia said...

I'll try to work out an intro.