Thursday, December 15, 2005

All My Needs Are Being Met & There Is Nothing Left To Say

Today I have unexpectedly self-actualized. I'm not sure who to thank exactly. Was it that whole delectable pound cake I ate last night or Dr. Phil's "tough love" TV therapy? So you see friends, without friction, disappointment or regular crushing blows to the ego, one's being would be suspended in a veritable soft jello cosmos. Nothing left to struggle against to define the illusional "self". That's were I find myself right now --in a jello dessert tray at a banquet for the President ...which leads me to one horrifying conclusion.

I miss a root canal.


Joey Polanski said...

Ironick, no? Paradoxical evn. Th secrit t true happiness is this: Never actualize yerself. Always actualize somone else.

Anonymous said...

In order to be a guru, one must trek through a lot of goo.


Joey Polanski said...

Was that like a oriental rim shot at th end there, or was it just a bong?

The Gold State said...

Sometimes a bong is just a bong.

Cocovan said...

I was hit by a Bong once, So I hit it back....(cough-cough)

Anonymous said...

Get-it-On....Bag-a-Bong....Oh Yeah!

What's this have to do with nothing left to lose but one's bogus fake ego and or guru?