Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bloggy-Blog Inversions

T'is the season of giving, so I thought I'd share a few mathematical equations that I've loved throughout the years.


x 893306
= 10929617848.087

+ 86
= 560.0009

oh m'god and get a load of this one:

560.0009 .10201
= 5489.6666993432 !!!

can you believe it? that one gets me every time! you have my permission to use it to shake up a slow party.

and lastly, the next equation is for adult eyes only --wooo-hoooo! don't let the kiddies see this, ok? --you've been warned!...

+ 1
= 3

get it? it's a multi-planar divergent cosmology! --HOT!

Happy Holidays!


Joey Polanski said...

I dispute summa these, but a Mobius Strip prooves that 4 - 2 = 1. An Christianity prooves that 3 = 1. An David Gates proovd that 2 = 1.

Thanks fer sharin!

simple said...

That's pretty funny. Your progression had good timing too. 560.0009! Too much.

I really enjoy drunken calculus. So in line with my own thoughts.

My sides hurt. Gotta go.

linduh said...

you are the stephen hawking of our generation! if he ever dies, i'm quite certain that you will be called upon to fill that mathematical/scientific gap, as it were...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you all will consider me just a "Simpleton" who still thinks the "World is Flat" (and it still does look that way from my observation). But from my understanding of metaphysics ("To Go Beyond Physics"), these concepts that your present here, are those of "Synergy Conceptualization?"

And what's up with this idea that there's way more space (some would say "Wasted Space") in my kitchen table than not?

How am I to get my guests to come over for a cup of coffee, when they're afraid to lean on such a "Table of Contents?"

Intellectually Challenged

Anonymous said...

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