Monday, December 26, 2005

Last Scary Pictures of 2005 ?

I never had any fixed notions regarding how to present this blog. However, left to my vast audience, it appears that my "creepy" photos are the most in demand. In the TV biz, you give the kids what they want. Here's it's no different. I'll give you kids your creepy stuff, only I secretly lace it with vitamins and character-building stories to keep you growing strong.

Not scary. It's Leo Carrillo Beach taken last Friday, proving that I am capable of producing aesthetically-pleasing and traditional material.

Scary photoshop treatment of my nieces' dog "Nick", shot yesterday at a family feast. The dog was delicious.

Semi-scary shot of me with a filthy traffic cone on my head, also at Leo Carrillo. The "closed" sign is SO symbolic, eh?

Is this creepy enough? Here's hoping it's less scary than 2005.

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Joey Polanski said...

Only thing creepyer than a littl fake guy is a littl fake guy wit bofe arms amputatd.

Reminisent of Tod Brownings Freaks.